Booster et all

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I am using Mac OS X 3.3 and I am experiancing problems with the booster feature. I have heared people talk about player 2's boost not working, but for me it's player 1 as well. And with player 3 and 4, the boost works, but it's problematic. It sometimes feels like it doesn't always work. And also, I used to use gltron on Mac OS 9.2 and when I downloaded it I would have a folder with the data, artpacks etc. But when I downloaded it for OS X, I only get the application, no folders at all. I searched for gltron but it only found that and the prefs. Are the folders invisible or something? I want to install artpacks and change the music. How do you do this on OS X?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Actually, scratch the part about the folders, I just found out how to do the "Show Package Contents" thing.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Ah yeah, that's a handy OS X trickthe ability to put all an Apps resources inside o' the app itself. It leads to a very clean OS, unlike Windows, which scatters all of it's necessary system files ALL OVER your programs folder (or at least, it use to do that)...



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