kolya - 2005-06-04

Yeah, Offset should become default really. :)

  • My idea for betas would be that they simply get listed under [Downloads]. Of course in a different table with a clear sign saying "This may or may not work!" or something like that.

Other ideas I had while looking through the site:

  • The header of the [Plans, possible improvements]-page should say what the link says or vice versa. [GLtron - Project plan] And get rid of the schedule-dates on the page.

  • The "forum"-link should match the rest of the navigation, so: [Forum on ScourceForge].

  • Merge [Documentation] and [FAQ]. These are both place to seek for information.

  • The Links-section in [Documentation] unneeded. Place these under [Links]

  • Rename [Home]-->[News].

  • The [Screenshots]-page needs an update. Better yet: Ask your users to send in their best shots. Put the best one on the new [News]-page. And place some more shots freely on the site, eg in the Downloads-section.
    GLTron can produce such terrific views - use this!

  • The Navigation links should have their own CCS-class so they don't get underlined and marked as visited.

  • Think about getting rid of that background-pic... White or lightly greyish bg-color would make a big difference.

Finally: If you don't have much time for webwork (we'd rather see you coding anway ;) ask here on the forums if some fan with an appropiate background in webdesign will do it for free.




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