2004 Dec 13: new beta (0.71 - 1009)

  • Andreas Umbach

    Andreas Umbach - 2004-12-13

    Fixes since 1005:

    • Fixed corrupted .ini file after pressing F6
    • Fixed flickering HUD (hopefully, since I can't reproduce the bug)
    • Added HUD menu options to turn it on/off
    • Fixed a small bug regarding the console

    Not yet fixed, but planned for the 1010 beta:
    - Fix transparent floor not correctly displayed

    Please give this a try and lemme know if there's any more issues or if you think it's ready for a public release:

    Patch from 1005 or later:


    Full download:


    • Andreas
    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Well the Mp3 support seems better in this update, cause since 0.71 beta, the music has being lagging in the game. I like all the new things, but one thing i cannot like (hope will be better if the floor transparency comes back) is how the reflections, darken the floor. It alters the artpack, and the way it's creator meant for it to look like!
      I really like the wall buster as a concept and it works pretty well but i think it needs a lot more work in the visual sector, to make it look interesting (something like powering up, and the the lightcycle morphing into liquid metal!!!!!!)

      • Andreas Umbach

        Andreas Umbach - 2004-12-14

        Can you post two screenshots next to each other, e.g. labeled 'looks good' and 'looks like shit'? (You can turn the reflections off in the Video menu, so that shouldn't be much of a problem). If you don't have webspace, you can also e-mail them directly to me.

        • Andreas
    • Brandon

      Brandon - 2004-12-14

      wait a minute... floor transparency is working for me with this patch. Something I noticed, though: the recognizer passes through the arena walls and comes right back through. It looks kind of silly, so I thought I'd mention it. On the topic of mp3s, I finally decided to use one, but the audio was very choppy even when I was just in the menus. I know my computer is old, but other programs never have any problems playing my music. Keep up the great work.

      • Andreas Umbach

        Andreas Umbach - 2004-12-14

        Uh, three topcs in one post...I'll address them one by one (as time permits here...)

        mp3 playback: I'm using SDL_sound, which uses mpglib/smpeg. I found that it plays most of my mp3's (mostly encoded with the 'lame' encoder) just fine, but has problems with others. I'll try to increase 'mp3-compatibility'...

        recognizer: Yes, I know, thanks for pointing it out again though. I still need to fix that. It's on my TODO
        list (since you can have arbitrary shapes now, the recognizer has to have some way to keep 'inside' the arena, hopefully without getting stuck in a corner).

        Transparency: It might work, but I'm sure (haven't checked right now), together with reflections it'll look like shit, when an area is semi-transparent. Transparent areas shouldn't reflect anything, and semi-transparent areas should have weak reflections. Also, I guess the lightcycles/recognizer are casting shadows onto transparent floor sections, which of course is dead wrong too...There's no shadows on a window (except if the window's horribly dirty).

        • Andreas
    • Nobody/Anonymous

      OS X Status?

      • Andreas Umbach

        Andreas Umbach - 2004-12-21

        From http://www.gltron.org/#19.12.2004

        Mac OS X news: I've made an effort to day to learn my way around ProjectBuilder, so I can build the OS X binaries myself. I'm still running 10.2 (Apple denied my request for a free copy of Panther), so no X-Code here. The good news first: I managed to build an OS X version. The bad news: It has an annoying bug (two cycles crash instantly, when you start the game, so all you can play is one-on-one). I haven't figured out the ProjectBuilder Debugger yet (probably should have used gdb from the console), it keeps complaining that it can't find the source files. So, it's running, it looks good, it has a bug that I haven't fixed yet (I have still no clue why it behaves differently from the win32 version).

        • Andreas
    • Max Abrahams

      Max Abrahams - 2004-12-16

      OS X status?


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