Site's Down?

  • Draken Stark

    Draken Stark - 2008-01-09

    Seems that the main web page is no longer hosted... Something wrong?

    • Draken Stark

      Draken Stark - 2008-01-12

      Ok thanks for the heads up. Hope everythings doing ok in development! (I'm not implying anything fyi. lol >.<)

    • Draken Stark

      Draken Stark - 2008-01-09

      Guess I should mention it's the website.

    • Andreas Umbach

      Andreas Umbach - 2008-01-09

      My new registrar apparently hijacked the DNS servers. I fix that, it should point back to the correct pages in a few hours I guess.

    • Mitoe0

      Mitoe0 - 2008-01-11

      You can get the site there. But the .org is down.


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