Any Updates?

  • Miles

    Miles - 2009-03-29

    It seems the last post was a few months ago and the last updated over a year ago. Is GLTron winding down? I hope this isn't so, I love this game and the plans scheduled for the end of 2004 sounded really exciting.

    • Mitoe0

      Mitoe0 - 2009-09-04

      I really do miss this game, I still play it from time to time, however on my Mac it has several bugs now do to the new OS and stuff like that. But I really would love to see this game get finished, I first played it when I was maybe 8 years old or something like that... (I'm 14 now)

    • Draken Stark

      Draken Stark - 2009-04-06

      Yes it's still alive in many ppl. Unfortunatly Andreas has a real life now that demands time where time would be otherwise spent on this project. I too have a life now with many twists still turning, else I would have personally picked it up when I got my application certification from school. I still wish someone would work on this. At the very least I could give direction as I've been stalking this since a little before 0.61 version release.


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