• Nobody/Anonymous

    Look, i have some ideas to make gltron more fun. You could add powerups that would drop randomly into the map. Powerups that that player could use whenever he wanted to.  For example, a powerup that would add invulnerability for a couple of secs (just to smash a wall that is in front of the player) would be nice. Or some rockets that would be thrown at the opponent. Combined with the turbo mode, the whole gameplay is changed and the game will simply be more fun. (That doesn't mean that it isn't fun now!)

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      i think you know what your doin andrea,
      dont ruin the game like tron2.0
      i didnt see any powerups in the movie
      keep it real, thats what makes GLtron so much fun

      TRON2 SUX!!!!1
      I want my 50 buks back!!!!

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      the game is free , isnt that enuf?


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I don't know, I think it's fine the way it is (maybe the opponents can be tougher). The "less-is-more" approach seems to be working. Keep it up

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      The ROCK smells what you're cookin'

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I think maybe haveing more than just the area to play in, like in the movie they escape so, why not give us more than just square areans, maybe something strange shaped or multi leveled...

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      The ROCK smells what you're cookin'

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      For some reason, the new beta version of GLTron is reeking havoc on my system, so I have gone back to the old GLTron 0.62 version; plays great and I love it! BE SEEING YOU!

      Number 6

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      lets ask andreas:

      andreas, what would *you* like to see added/changed ot gltron?


      • Andreas Umbach

        Andreas Umbach - 2003-11-14

        Me? Well, I'd like more customization options. The Artpacks I received so far are really nice. I want custom models, skinned (i.e. textured) cycles, futuristic arenas (arbitrarily shaped), modifiable game play (e.g. an extension mechanism where you can configure the rules of the game, add teamplay, items, etc.).

        From a technical point of view, I want to redo the graphics stuff at some point, get rid of the cheap shadowing (ever noticed that the recognizer casts a shadow on the floor, but not the cycle or the walls?), add some fancy pixel shading, etc.

        Also, I want networking at some point. I handed this off to Jon Atkins though.

        - Andreas

    • Ol John Brown

      Ol John Brown - 2004-01-13

      The power ups (though not in the film) may be kinda fun if the game has several levels in which, if you win, you go farther into more complex levels with different shapes for arenas, maybe even to maze like arenas.

      Again, this stuff may not be in the film, but, maybe it's not a bad thing to expand on the concept.

      The less is more idea has its merits too. Sometimes, depending on the mood and the person, a basic game is is what is needed.

      It's a good concept and a great game so maybe it could be a good thing to play with. . . well, maybe offer more than one version? Original and expanded or something to make everyone happy?

      I have different moods so both ideas look great to me.

      Ol JB

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      More fun would be a faithfull authentic movie experience,
      dont go the way of Tron2
      skins and models are nice for the folks that want to mess with perfection.
      reflections r neat. but i dont remember the game grid being polished in the film, focus andreas-san
      transport me to the game grid please.

      once i get my stupid radeon AIW to work. 

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      me again,
      when u redo the graphics stuff
      hows about giving the game a gritty look like the film? cant begin to imagine what would be involved just thought i'd through it out there.
      great hearing that you're workin on cracks in the walls. just like the movie. yeah
      nice work.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I ran the game with a custom CFG...

      turned the boost way up, made the acceleration and deceleration much faster and it deffinitely added to the fun!

      i think we're running a boost of 30.  its sensitive enough to be able to boost infront of another player!

      i think players like to have their own custom cars too.  custom colors should be fairly easy, and once new models get developed it'll add to the multiplayer experience.

      in my opinion, some 1 chance form of evasion should be available... although not accurate to the movie, being able to jump over a wall once would be a real kicker!

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I think it would be a good idea to have lots of options that will allow the users to choose for them selves, whether to have a straight tron game, or have powerups, super graphics, or something  straight from the movie, or have special abilities for bikes (such as the boost, or a jump, or do a 45 degree turn and etc). 

      In short the more you put into the users' hands to mod and play around with, change, add, subtract, and such, will give the game a ton more wham.  the easier you make it for others to do so, the better the game will be improved by people.


    • Nobody/Anonymous


      The whole reason I've decided GLTron is my favorite of all such games is because of its simplicity and trueness to the movie, but by the same token, there are a few things I would like (such as maybe the incorporation of a simple RGB slider option in settings to change bike colors?) that while a departure from the trueness would still be cool. Bottom line is this: If you want GLTron to truly continue to rock, offer the USER options options options. That way, those who wish it to be as true to the movie as possible can set it up that way while those who wish for turbo boosts and wall smashers etc can have that too. The best way to "please everyone" is to allow them the options


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