Questions about GL Tron.

  • Zachary1234

    Zachary1234 - 2010-11-06

    I have three simple questions about future/present development on GL Tron.

    -Are there plans to have option maps/levels with obstacles in different maps? Similar to your competitor project?

    -Are the plans to have more that one recogniser/tanks....

    -Will there be the option for different background music songs/the ability to play one's own?

  • gltronsky

    gltronsky - 2010-11-07

    I can't answer you the firt two questions, but the third

    There already IS a option for custom music! IN your gltron folder there is a
    subfolder named music. When you place your music in this directory, you can
    choose it in the game by going to audio and select it at the menupoint "song"

    Have fun^^


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