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FileMonitor 2.4.1 Released

In this release:

  1. Prevent columns popup menu to close after checkbox item has been clicked.
  2. Load the columns status when only one preference is created.

Cheers :)

Posted by daniele 2014-03-09 Labels: linux unix windows macosx java network system

FileMonitor 2.4.0 Released

Another version rolled out!

Main changes are focused on the "preferences window" (I hope it's more clean and clear now).

Some bugs have been fixed around the preferences xml files - so you might need to recreate some of your existent configurations.

Cheers :)

Posted by daniele 2013-08-24

FileMonitor 2.3.0 Released

This time main changes are related to memory usage reduction :)

I hope you enjoy this new version of FileMonitor!


  • Reduced memory usage
  • Fixed “Stop” action to stop the monitor updating
  • Fixed column selections
  • Minor changes
Posted by daniele 2013-07-20 Labels: linux macosx java swing

FileMonitor 2.2.0 released

Hi all, finally we got there!

Good stuff for this version, straight to the point:

  • Added new column TID (Task ID)
  • Improved performance
  • Updated online documentation
  • New way to add Preference using dialogs
  • Fixed bugs about Preferences editing
  • Fixed bug about main window savings
  • Fixed bug about autoscroll clicking


Posted by daniele 2013-01-02 Labels: glsof filemonitor linux windows macosx file system network internet

Filemonitor 2.1.0 released!!!

Finally Filemonitor 2.1.0 has been released. Different bugs fixed, some new stuff added:


Copy preference
Tool tips on the Preference Dialog


Error messages displayed
Other minor bugs

Filemonitor lets you monitor your remote systems now. The only thing you have to do is to run “remote-lsof” on the machine you want to monitor and configuring Filemonitor with a “Preference” pointing to the remote machine. Please read documentation on the website for more info about setting up remote configuration.

Posted by daniele 2012-11-04 Labels: filemonitor linux windows macosx bsd

Filemonitor v1.5 released!!!

Finally a new version of Filemonitor has been released! Main changelogs involve a faster displaying of network data and a new and more complete “preferences” dialog that enables the choice of processes, directories and network connections to be monitored :) Give it a try!

Posted by daniele 2011-05-15

GLSOF 0.10.0 pre-alpha 5 released!

This release is refered to SVN rev 22. GLSOF's C-version will be not maintained anymore. SVN rev 22 was made first months of 2007 but it compiles and works under Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope at moment.

Posted by daniele 2009-04-08

GLSOF 0.10.0 pre-alpha4 released!

  • Save main hpaned position, 'bold' for queries name and scroll to 'query name' when a new query is created.
  • Request 'sync' for gconf.
  • Added option to change lsof-path.
  • Added lsof-version dialog.
Posted by daniele 2006-01-06

GLSOF 0.10.0 pre-alpha3 released!

  • Added messages on statusbar for query and single process.
  • Added debug output with 'WARNING' messages by lsof.
  • Added option in "Prerences" for refreshing at start.
  • Fixed bug for 'network-query' (-i).
  • Fixed glsof.desktop/intltool bug.
  • New splashscreen-image and new icon (48x48).
  • Sensitive search-bar if at least a row exists.
Posted by daniele 2005-12-30

GLSOF 0.10.0 pre-alpha2 released!

New pre-alpha release with many bug fixes:

  • It's possible delete or rename 'Default' query.
  • It's possible add query with space characters in title (e.g.: "Foo bar").
  • In 'New Query' dialog is possible insert only alphanumeric characters and space character.
  • 'Autorefresh' and 'Refresh' are working now.
  • Minor bugs.
Posted by daniele 2005-12-24


Now, Glsof can run multiple instances of lsof at the same time. Code more quick and fast.

Posted by daniele 2005-12-17

glsof 0.9.17 released

  • Used gconf for 'settings' save/load
  • Added 'settings' manage (as gnome-terminal profiles list)
  • New re-styling for every interface (libglade)
  • Added search on output (actually only for single-layer-table)
  • Added popupmenu
  • Autorefresh included in main interface
Posted by daniele 2004-11-20

glsof 0.9.16 released

New Main Table double list(separated files for command). Added Icons bar for quick references and a status bar for generic info. More quick "read infos from lsof". Minor bug fixes.

Posted by daniele 2004-07-08

glsof 0.9.15 released

This is first release on sourceforge.
New Main Table (possible sort of Command and File Name). Added Control Window for network addresses. Added multi-languages support (gettext): english/italian. Bug fix for Autorefresh (crash program). Added Splash Window (optional). Multi package install (rpm, deb, tgz). XML/DTD files moved in $HOME/.glsof directory. Clean code. More and more minor bug fixes.

Posted by daniele 2004-03-26