#9 Delphi 2010 installation problem, cg.dll missing, and CVS



I'm having problems installing GLScene on Delphi 2010.

I try to install the GLCg_DesignTime2010.bpl package but it keeps telling me that cg.dll is missing, and right after that another message box pops out and says:
Can't load packages C:\Users\public\documents\rad studio\7.0\bpl\glcg_designtime2010.bpl.

Why is it trying to open the package from that path?
I dont even have the glscene stuff in that path.

I copied all dll's to "C:\Users\public\documents\rad studio\7.0\bpl\"
and now it gives me the error: (I'll try to translate from swedish to english) "Cannot find the procedureadress @Opengl1x@initialization$qqrv in DLL-file GLCg_RunTime2010.bpl

If I remove cgGL.dll from "C:\Users\public\documents\rad studio\7.0\bpl\" it just tells me that cg.dll is missing.

Now I have an nVidia GTX570 with the latest drivers and I've downloaded the CUDA devkit and everything.
I've even tried to copy the latest cg.dll to "C:\Users\public\documents\rad studio\7.0\bpl\"
but I keep getting those errors.

What should I do?

By the way While we're at it: How the !)#/ does CVS check out work with tortoise cvs?
I have tried everything that glscene sites suggest but nothing works.

I really need some help with this one guys because I'm working on a project and I want to implement OpenGL to the project.


  • XaidCorp

    XaidCorp - 2011-03-13

    Sort of solved it by downloading the SVN Tarball and copied stuff from glscene.tar.gz\glscene\trunk
    and installed stuff on Delphi XE.

    However I cannot get the more advanced stuff to work like the CUDA examples.
    All I get is "Cannot create form" at project open.
    Note: Project Open and not Project Compilation or Project Run.
    When I run the demo I just get more errors.

    Someody should really fix all known errors so people dont have to sit down 2-3 days trying to install something, and then when installation succeeds, not all examples work.

    who's in charge here?!

  • YarUnderoaker

    YarUnderoaker - 2011-03-15

    You can find compatible cg.dll and cgGl.dll with GLScene in folder Source\CgShaders
    I just testet CUDA, its work without problem, what errors do you get?

  • XaidCorp

    XaidCorp - 2011-03-15

    hi there yarunderoaker.

    All I get is "Cannot create form" at project open.
    for example when I open that CUDA Texture demo, I get that message.

    It seems that the message comes from the GLSceneViewer component.
    But then again, GLSceneViewer works very well on almost every other example.

    And I get some different errors on different demos.

    Do you know what it might be?

    Come back here tomorrow or on Thursday and I will have made a new comment with a link with a video that shows you the errors I get.

  • XaidCorp

    XaidCorp - 2011-03-16

    Im sorry sir but I dont manage to get it to work.
    I cannot find any pre-compiled exe demos anywhere.

    This is the exact error I get when I open the demo: "Error creating form: Operation aborted"

  • YarUnderoaker

    YarUnderoaker - 2011-03-17

    I placed exe in computing\\SimpleCUDATexture. Please update Demos via SVN

  • XaidCorp

    XaidCorp - 2011-03-19

    I'm sorry there are no exe's in there.


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