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  • flauschi flauschi


    i have Freeforms (loaded STL-Files) in my scene. Now i am looking forward the best way to implement a bumpmapping feature on my scene.  How can i use the Bumpmapping feature in Glscene.  i have looked some demos for example bunny bump, but this use the textures or maps from the 3ds file.

    Perhaps somebody has an mini turoial.

    Thanks a lot

  • Esteban Manuel Cruz Seoane

    Hello, the method that i use is the next, but as i readed, one can only import basic things from 3Ds, because that my only way is the next… one that i'm sure that you already know,

    You can try to "put" a GLBumpShader and configure it as:
        With BumpShader do begin
          Enabled    :=  True;
          BumpOptions:= ;
          BumpMethod :=  bmBasicARBFP;

    And… at the bumpmap texture (the texture must to be a purple bumpmapping colored) select this shadder, and select as Texture2Name the common texture, but it only work with the GLTextures.

    Assign this texture at the wished model.

  • flauschi flauschi

    Thanks for your answer.

    At the moment i use no shader and no materiallib, this was no problem, because i add textures to my freeform.material property. now i  try the materiallib. If i add the materiallib to my freeform i get a other result as i expected. So if i add the materiallib everything on the objects has one color.

    i set all propertyties of the materiallib like the materialproperties of my freeform.

    i think i am to stupid? What happens here??

    Thanks alot for your answer.

  • flauschi flauschi

    Sorry i dont saw where i can edit a message: i have to use the materiallib now, because i want to use some shader (see post before).


  • gaita

    gaita - 2011-02-18

    Have you set the materiallibrary of the freeform?
    Does your freeform have textures on the file when you load?
    Did you set the UseMeshMaterials to true?


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