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Installing on C++Builder

  • Pavel Vassiliev

    Pavel Vassiliev - 2012-11-13

    fintch wrote:
    Is here a way to install GLSCENE for C++Builder? :(
    Yes, the old installation of GLS for BCB6 is running good, but the new code after installation for RAD Studio XE/XE2/XE3 does not work at all. It seems that the main problem consists in too many overload procedures in Vectorgeometry.pas, thus Delphi compiler with option for Output of C++ files creates  coicident strings in Vectorgeometry.hpp. So you have visual components in C++Builder panel, but your application fails with errors during building.  It must be readjusted in .pas files.    

  • Pavel Vassiliev

    Pavel Vassiliev - 2012-12-02

    fintch, I don't know could it be used with C++Builder 2009, but there is a current GLScene version 1.1.R that works with Embarcadero RAD Studio XE3. From ReadMe -

    GLScene v.1.1.R for Embarcadero RAD Studio Delphi/C++Builder XE3

    It is insistantly supposed that all GLScene's files are in direcory


    So, please, put the GLScene library in this path
    otherwise you will not be able to use some important default options of
    projects for all packages. It should also help to compile and install GLScene
    both on Delphi and C++Builder simultaniously in RAD Studio XE3 environment.  
    For any other places of your drive there should be created three additional directory
    inside main GLScene folder:

    1. D:\Library\GLScene\dcu - for dcu/obj files
    2- D:\Library\GLScene\lib - for lib/bpi files
    3- D:\Library\GLScene\include - for header hpp files

    Look at screenshots in directory
    to setup Embarcadero RAD STUDI XE3 environment and project options, which were used
    in preparation of this particularly assemblage.

    All CPP examples are in the D:\Library\GLScene\AdvDemos\CPP directory

    Please, to make demos projects work properly, edit the options and correct the include and lib paths
    accordingly to your own configuration.

    Additional Dynamic libraries, dlls and bat installer are in _Install_All_DLL directory

    Note: In this GLScene v.1.1.R used Records (with arrays) instead of Arrays in VectorTypes.pas
    to achieve compatibility between Delphi and C++Builder.   

    Hope it should help you to use GLScene both in Delphi and CPP++ for RAD Studio XE3.

    Pal Wassail (PW)

    You can download it from

  • Pavel Vassiliev

    Pavel Vassiliev - 2012-12-26

    Installation of GLScene v.1.1.2  on RAD XE3.
    Some bug fixes, structure rearrangment and improvements  were done for CPPB&Delphi XE3. You can download the whole archive from  here:



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