#198 GLSS_OpenAL on X64


I replaced all {$IFDEF WIN32} with {$IFDEF MSWINDOWS} and it compiles, but when compiler is linking lazarus.exe there is a problem:

Compiling restrictionbrowser.pas
Compiling projectwizarddlg.pas
Compiling resource ..\units\x86_64-win64\lazarus.obj
Linking C:\lazarus\lazarus.new.exe
C:\lazarus\ide\lazarus.pp(136,1) Error: Import library not found for c
C:\lazarus\ide\lazarus.pp(136,1) Fatal: There were 1 errors compiling module, stopping

without GLSS_OpenAL package, glscene installs.

Thank you!

NOTE: I'm on lazarus 0.9.31 with FPC 2.6.0


  • YarUnderoaker

    YarUnderoaker - 2012-03-14

    Do you have OpenAL library for x64?
    By the way - same requires for NGD

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    About OpenAL, I found online OpenAL64.dll (but not in the official web site) and it seems to work, except for an access violation on quit (the program).

    This is the error that report assembler console on Lazarus:
    0000000076B9B3CB 4a8bbc1890000000 mov 0x90(%rax,%r11,1),%rdi

    About NGD, lazarus x64 compiles well (so dlls should be ok).
    When I add to the form GLNGD component I get an access violation.

    If I open an existing project that uses GLNGD, I get this error:

    Read Error
    Stream=TForm: Root=:TForm
    Component Class: TGLNGDManager
    Access Violation
    Stream position: 6379571

    I use x64 dll inside the official "newton-dynamics-2.35.rar"

  • YarUnderoaker

    YarUnderoaker - 2012-03-15

    dJointLibrary.dll for x64

  • YarUnderoaker

    YarUnderoaker - 2012-03-15

    I was found OpenAL64.dll , its work as you said. I commit it to SoundAPIs directory just in case.
    Also I check GLNGD and its work in std demos and new project.
    But I was compile dJointLibrary.dll from newton-dynamics-2.29 for x64 Windows.
    You can try it, look at attachment.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Which version of lazarus/fpc for WIN64 are you using?

    With latest official (released today) http://sourceforge.net/projects/lazarus/files/Lazarus%20Windows%2064%20bits/Lazarus%

    I can't use GLNGD, Lazarus can add the component to IDE, but when I add GLNGD to the TForm it crashes.

    No problems with Lazarus for win32.

    OpenAL, seems to works... but I need to test everything (glngd+openal) with a big project to confirm.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    OK, I got it.

    Not only dJointLibrary.dll from 2.29 is needed, but also newton.dll
    With both dll from SDK 2.29 lazarus can add GLNGD to TForm and can compile projects.

    Also OpenAL64.dll seems to work well :)

    Thank you yarunderoaker!

  • YarUnderoaker

    YarUnderoaker - 2012-03-15
    • assigned_to: nobody --> yarunderoaker
    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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