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The GlobalPlatform card specification provides a standard for the management of the contents on a smart card. Mainly this comprises the installation and the removal of applications. Practically these applications are always JavaCard applet. A good overview of the GlobalPlatform card specification is given on this page: GlobalPlatform card specification. Due to the missing support of free software supporting the GlobalPlatform card specification this project was founded by Karsten Ohme.

This project offers a C library and a command line shell.

You can support this project with donations. The money will be used for the support of the ongoing development e.g. buy of smart cards, NFC phones and card readers. Donate.

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Command output from GPShell 1.4.4


GPShell is the command line utility which can be used to execute the most useful functions.

Further information about GPShell can be found under [GPShell].

GlobalPlatform Library

The C library is called GlobalPlatform. This library is intended for developers who want to integrate it in their own programs.

Further information about the GlobalPlatform library can be found under [GlobalPlatform Library].

Connection Plugins

The GlobalPlatform Library supports different connection plugins. There is a default implementation provided for PC/SC which is the standard for accessing local card readers. See [PC-SC Connection Plugin]. GPShell uses this default implementation. But it is also possible to implement other connection libraries. E.g. NFC enabled phones might require an OTA installation so a socket connection could be implemented.


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