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GLNLinear-0.0.8 released

Okay number 8 is out. Only a couple of changes for this one, firstly, I've tidied up the makefile, so while it still isn't the piece of magic that is ./config - make - make install it is getting closer.

Secondly, I have ditched the idea of writing my own library for playing with the video and sound. Instead I have included the libavcodec library. I am still merging it into the code base so here we go.... read more

Posted by James Purser 2003-07-30

GLNLinear-0.0.6 Released

The sixth release of GLNLinear is out, still very early but starting to take shape.

Posted by James Purser 2003-05-13


okay 0.0.5 has been released. It looks better than the original and there have been some changes, namely the move from wxWindows-2.2.9 to wxWindows-2.4.

I have managed to get access to a Capture card and will start working on DV capture asap, at the same time I am still working on getting the Timeline widget working properly.

Theres a long way to go yet but you gotta start somewhere right?

Posted by James Purser 2003-04-01

GLNLinear-0.0.1 Released

This is the initial package release for GLNLinear, a Non-Linear editor, it is in the very early stages of development, and this is to get the ball rolling.

Posted by James Purser 2003-02-21

GLNLinear WebSite Open

While development of GLNLinear continues I have put up the GLNLinear site at This will not only be the home site for the GLNLinear project but also a gathering togethor of resources, reviews and tutorials for the multi-media development area. The site is continuing to evolve so come along and drop us a line with your comments or ideas.

Posted by James Purser 2003-02-06


GLNLINEAR is a Non-Linear Editing Suite that will run on Linux using the wxWindows framework. At the moment things are only in the planning stage but some code has been written and I hope to be able to present something like a 0.1 release in the next couple of months.

While your waiting why don't you check out KDENLIVE, they are a KDE based group developing something very similar. They have just released their first package and look like doing good things.

Posted by James Purser 2003-01-17

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