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Flash Video Player 2.5 Released

Update to plugin architecture and file associate bug fix. There was a bug when clicking on associated FLV files, the player window would be blank. There was also a bug when trying to use the download plugins after clicking on an associated FLV file. Both of these bugs have been fixed in this release.

Posted by Jason Graves 2008-09-03

Flash Video Player 2.4 Released

This is a major release change for downloading content. The player now supports xulrunner scripted plugins for downloading content. 4 plugins come bundled with the player: YouTube, Veoh, PhotoBucket and DailyMotion. Copy and rename one of the existing plugins under the "plugins" directory, rename it and modify the "yourpluginname/chrome/content/main.xul" script to create your own download plugin.

Posted by Jason Graves 2008-09-02

Flash Video Player 2.3 Released

Added support for international language paths and title information. Added multiple deblocking filters which can be changed on the fly. Added ability to enable disable smoothing. Added ability to slow and speed up playback. Fixed issue with playlist displaying controls when switching movies. Added alpha transparency to menus that overlap displayed movie.

Posted by Jason Graves 2008-08-28

Flash Video Player 2.2 Released

Added new aspect ratio keep/lose for stretching movies. Fixed centering issue with scoped/widescreen movies. Added new view menu. Updated runtimes

Posted by Jason Graves 2008-08-27

Flash Video Player 2.1 Released

Flash Video Player 2.0 released. Now the title of the track being played is displayed in the window title.

Posted by Jason Graves 2007-12-03

Flash Video Player 2.0 Released

Flash Video Player 2.0 released with a new playlist feature. Now create, play, save and load tracks in a playlist.

Posted by Jason Graves 2007-11-14

Flash Video Player 1.7 Released

Added new menu Controls with basic control items.
Added additional Controls menu item "Play Repeat" for repeat play.
Removed "O" keyboard short cut.

Posted by Jason Graves 2007-10-30

Flash Video Player 1.6 Released

Changed association icon to godlikemouse icon. Added centralized support for downloading of FLV files to godlikemouse.com main site. YouTube.com download support has been fixed.

Posted by Jason Graves 2007-09-04

Flash Video Player 1.5 Released

Flash Video Player 1.5 released with new online video searching capabilities and an enter key listener added to all dialogs for easier use.

Posted by Jason Graves 2007-07-04

Flash Video Player 1.4 Released

Flash Video Player 1.4 released with the following new features, download from videos sites including: youtube.com, veoh.com, photobucket.com, dailymotion.com. Donation button has also been added to the about screen.

Posted by Jason Graves 2007-06-12

Flash Video Player 1.3 Released

Flash Video Player 1.3 released with the following updates:

Removed the install on demand option for the flashplayer.bin package when the flashplayer.bin file exists in the install directory. The player will update when the flashplayer.bin does not exist. The flashplayer.bin package has been added to the install.

Posted by Jason Graves 2007-06-11

Flash Video Player 1.2 Released

Flash Video Player 1.2 released with a new menu bar which replaces the old menu buttons. Better look and graphics, new about dialog and loading/buffering status animations.

Posted by Jason Graves 2007-06-08

Flash Video Player 1.1 Released

The Flash Video Player 1.1 has been released with improved functionality including the drag and drop time scroller fix and smoother loading.

Posted by Jason Graves 2007-06-06

Flash Video Player 1.0 Released

The GodLikeMouse Flash Video Player 1.0 contains the following features: smooth playback, aspect ratio kept, fullscreen playback mode, resizable player window, volume and video position control, FLV file association for easy click and play, drag and drop FLV files directly onto the player window, plays local and remote files.

Posted by Jason Graves 2007-05-12

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