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Glipper 1.0 released

After a very long time without any news, we are proud to present you the new released version 1.0. A lot of things did change, in fact, it is a complete rewrite of the whole application. We now use python instead of C, which also makes the code much smaller and simpler to understand. Unlike the previous versions, Glipper is now a GNOME only application, because it makes heavily use of different GNOME techniques, like being a GNOME panel applet and using gconf for storing the configurations. If you are not a GNOME user, but want to use Glipper anyway, we feel sorry for you, but the older version are still available of course ;) .
The complete rewrite has the effect that we had to drop all the translations. So Glipper is currently only available in english, german and italian. If you want to do a translation (or want to report bugs or send patches), you can do this our mailing-list.
So just get the new Glipper release and have fun with it :) .
Important: Don't forget to remove your old ".glipper" directory first, or you may experience problems!

Posted by Sven Rech 2007-08-07

New Release

Finally, after a long time, we are proud to announce the release of glipper 0.95.

Unfortunately, we are very busy at the moment, so that further developement won't be very active next time.

Posted by Sven Rech 2006-11-12

New Developer

The Glipper Project now has a second developer (and also admin), named Karderio. I'm very happy to get some help programming and maintaining glipper.
He already does some useful modifications. Just checkout our new CVS if you can't wait for the next release (which will likely be 1.0) ;)

Posted by Sven Rech 2006-06-27

Ubuntu Packages

Glipper Packages for Ubuntu are now available in Asher256's Repository (

Posted by Sven Rech 2006-05-24