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This new version comes with a completely re-written name stack, pipeline engine, layout loader and writer and also several new core features : GeometryModel and GeometryInstance are major change in terms of how to interact the image data with the model used for drawing. It is now possible to describe models from Pipeline Script. Another new module is the UniformsVarsLoader which enable store and load of uniform variables from the shader and thus build pipeline profiles for specific applications. The code also brings new tools for third-party library interfaces such as Qt, GLFW and FFMPEG.

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Posted by Ronan K. 2013-08-05

V0.8 is out.

In this new version I added several new and mostly optional features. It will handle OpenGL texture formats better. It can read through compressed textures. Modules are able to do auto-connection by analyzing the names of all the shaders used by their pipelines and their input and output ports name.

New modules include a compressed texture reader and a texture copier which can also compress the input (based on PBO transfers). I developed two new modules for FFT computation in 1 and 2 dimensions. They can also compute shifted results, inverse transform and perform on-the-fly zero-padding. The module LayoutLoader has now two more keywords : REQUIRED_FORMAT and REQUIRED_PIPELINE. Both of them ask the application to give some format or pipeline which enables the user to develop as "decorator pattern" with dynamic input.... read more

Posted by Ronan K. 2012-08-27

V0.7 is on its way.

Last few months I made almost all of the improvements planned for the core of the engine. I will enter now a testing phase to check error handling.
The greatest improvement is the reduction of the complexity to build a transformation thanks to the layout objects and the naming convention. It becomes easier to read the structure of the pipeline for the native C++ code.

One of the main news for the next release is the script system. I dropped the idea to use XML since the structure of the code is very light even with numerous filters and pipelines. I created a small scripting language to declare entire pipelines in a file (or multiple files with an inclusion system). This functionality is enabled in the current version of the git repository and is used in the last examples built.... read more

Posted by Ronan K. 2011-12-26

What's coming up in GLIP-Lib 0.7

It's been a long time since I last updated GLIP-Lib repositery, but the project is still alive. I've been really busy these last months for other stuff and I left back the library a little bit. I've just started to put up some code last week and I must now stop for an undetermined period, at least a few weeks I think.

I'll commit the new work on the library to the SVN repo by the end of the week. This new version, as core functions of 0.7, is not usable yet. You might not download this (unless you want to contribute to it, send me an email in this case).... read more

Posted by Ronan K. 2011-08-02

GLIP-Lib 0.6 and Histogram-like algorithms

GLIP-Lib V0.6 is now released!

It includes some bug fixes as for example the problem of rendering in GL_RGB32F or GL_RGBA32F. It also adds support for histogram-like algorithm based on the use of Vertex Buffer Object and Vertex shaders.
HdlPBO has also been written again and base on a new handle called HdlGeBO (Generic Buffer Object) which is the base class for both VBO and PBO.

Histograms are now processed as entire set of points, for instance a 640x480 grid of dots in 2D space, and managed by vertex shaders with Vertex Texture Fetching (e.g. reading a texture directly from the Vertex shader). It enables us to change the destination of the "pseudo-pixel" in real-time and without cross-binding (PBO to VBO). Using this method, we can also share many informations from the vertex program to the fragment program very easily.... read more

Posted by Ronan K. 2011-02-13

What's next?

As has some trouble for the moment, the release to 0.55 is re-scheduled to next Sunday (hopping that File Release will be available since then).

There are some great improvements made in the Library, most important are:
The interaction with capture devices is now made thanks to the library Unicap, and so, it supports both V4L2 devices (typically USB cameras) and 1394 cameras. It was tested with an Apple ISight and a Marlin F033C for VGA-YUV4:2:2 resolution and it seems to work well.... read more

Posted by Ronan K. 2011-01-31

Minor release GLIP-Lib V0.51 and 1st example

GLIP-LIB is now released in Pre-Alpha 0.51 Version.

This minor version correct several minor bugs, add some changes in the architecture : Cameras are now considered as Modules, InputModules are in charge of quad drawing, etc.

The first example is now released : VirtualCalc, a digit recognition program based on correlation.
It computes the position of the maximum intensity on the image (if it is over the "background threshold") and enables to draw symbols. These are computed versus images of several digits and operators in order to find which one was drawn. ... read more

Posted by Ronan K. 2010-12-30

Release 0.5

GLIP-LIB is now released in Pre-Alpha 0.5 Version.

The library is now based on the StreamManager that connects filters, pipelines and other modules via the use of Socket numbers.

What's missing :
Debugging tools and schematic pipeline representation.
Transformation managing.
Support for other V4L2 mode than YUYV.
Test on different plateforms (Current : Linux 2.6 - NVidia GTX 280M)... read more

Posted by Ronan K. 2010-12-27

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