real Glide and XFree/DRI same time?

Oliver C.
  • Oliver C.

    Oliver C. - 2001-04-28


    I have a Voodoo 3 and a working XFree/DRI 3d accerlated linux system.

    UT for example is running just fine with X11MESA/DRI.
    But it could run a little faster when running in real glide mode (without X).

    Now my question is, is it possible to run UT also in real glide when
    having on the same linuy system a working XFree/DRI 3d accerlation installed?

    I want to chose between XFree/DRI 3d accerlation or real glide 3d accerlation (started from console?).

    Is that possible?

    How do i get that to work, without destroying my XFree/DRI 3d accerlation?

    Isn't my X11/DRI file overwritten when installing real glide support?

    What's with mesaGL?

    Do i need mesaGL for a working glide 3d accerlation support, what should i do with my mesaGL from XFree/DRI when i need mesaGL + glide?

    Best Regards
    Oliver C.

    • Frédéric Marchand

      You can't, there is no glide2 support in XFree4... :-( I was running XFree3 with my voodoo cause of Unreal... Now, i got a geforce2 MX which is dozen time faster than my voodoo3 and i run XFree4 which is much better :-D


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