Compiling under FreeBSD 4.2

  • Greg Greenaae

    Greg Greenaae - 2000-12-02

    I'm in the process of porting our V3500 Linux drivers over to FreeBSD.  I got a little curious and decided to try and build h3 under FreeBSD.  I've followed the README step by step, but no go.  The makefiles error on the parser.  Each error stops at an ifeq statement.  I don't know alot about aclocal, automake and autoconf yet.  Reading the infos now.  Does h3 Glide3 compile for anyone else on FreeBSD?  Or are there know issues with the build?  Thanks in advance.

    • Anonymous - 2001-10-12

      Ya running 4.4 stable.
      Tryed makeing the glide3 port with --WITH_VOODOO3 option and it still compiled for a voodoo5.
      also tryed doing a "make --enable-fx-glide-hw=h3"
      but it still compiled for a voodoo5.

      I also had a problem compileing on a different computer it ended up compileing fine after i checked each dependancys my self turned out to be an old automake and autoconf. once i made those it compiled fine

    • Anonymous - 2001-10-12

      oops still only compiles for voodoo5 regardless of
      the switch

    • Anonymous - 2001-10-13

      setenv WITH_VOODOO3
      Me Stupid hehe ;)
      Thanks to legion for making me feel stupid.


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