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GliBench SMP / News: Recent posts

fixed RPMs

The RPM packages are fixed and now they should work on distributions different from Fedora.

Posted by Svetoslav P. Chukov 2007-07-11

GliBench 0.5 released

GliBench 0.5 released. New features and benchmark tests imported. There are not only the standard performance tests but the stability and I/O hard drive performance/scalability test too.

There are many files in the download section, rpm, src.rpm, the source code archive and the Linux installer too. You can download what you wish.
The new thing is glibench-presentation file, this is flash based presentation showing the main features of the program.

Posted by Svetoslav P. Chukov 2007-06-26

Version 0.5 soon to be released

Version 0.5 of the benchmark program is scheduled to be released at the next month. Win32 version will be available too.

Posted by Svetoslav P. Chukov 2007-04-02

New version of GliBench.

GliBench version 0.4 is available for download now.
There is console mode imported.Based on GTK+ 2.x.

Posted by Svetoslav P. Chukov 2007-03-20

Version 0.2.5 in CVS

Bugs exterminated:

- Matrix test does no show right numbers

New features:

- Description dialog
- Via Description dialog you may choose the number of threads to run

Posted by Marcel M. Weber 2001-03-17

Initial release on sourceforge


There is my initial release of GliBench. You may allready use it for testing your machine, but you cannot save nor open any results. The harddisk test is not implemented neither. But this will be fixed as soon I find some time besides my university work.

Perhaps someone could join me to chase some bugs or so...

Posted by Marcel M. Weber 2001-03-10