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Can't find .....

Using GLFW
  • Nobody/Anonymous

    hello everyone

    i found GLFW and i try to use it, but when i try to compile a project i have a error report
    "cannot find -lglfw"
    I try to find this library but impossible to lay a finger on it.If someone knows where i can found this library i will be happy.
    I'm using Code::Blocks as IDE with MinGW on Winxp pro.Thanks to help me

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      you need to compile the entire GLFW library, ofcourse.. if you would have read the instructions that came with GLFW you should've seen how it's done. also, it's a really, really, really, really good tip to actually learn some basic C and basic knowledge about how compilation etc. works before venturing into something bigger, like GLFW :)

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      ps. use the compile.bat file in the glfw root directory..

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Just put the supplied GLFW lib ( either static or dynamic ) and GLFW.h in your compiler /LIBS and /INCLUDE directory respectively ...

      Without supplying these files, your compiler can't resolve all the GLFW symbols :)

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      thanks for you're reply but i don't have lglfw.a in the package that i downloaded, I have only the header file in the package (for windows).
      If somebody can tell me where i can get the
      LGLFW.a it will be a pleasure.

      • sqweek

        sqweek - 2005-12-22

        That's what the source code is for. Compile it to generate libglfw.a

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      i need to compile what file? Help me i'm a beginner =D