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Set window focus

Using GLFW
  • afalkenhahn

    afalkenhahn - 2014-02-16


    is it possible to programmatically activate a GLFW window? Suppose I have four different GLFW windows and now I'd like to make one of them the active window... is that possible somehow? I can listen to focus changes but I don't seem to be able to set focus programmatically. Maybe we'd need something like glfwSetWindowFocus()...

  • XDread

    XDread - 2014-03-06

    I think you can use glfw3native and then one of these functions to obtain a window handle to set focus:

    Just define two macros like described in this document before including the header file:

    EDIT: It is worth mentioning that this is platform specific, so you need to make the platform independence yourself in this case.

    Last edit: XDread 2014-03-06
  • divxdede

    divxdede - 2015-01-02

    It would be nice to have a glfwFocusWindow like we have with glfwIconifyWindow
    I can't use native since i use a wrapper that don't expose it to me...