OpenGL 3.2 on Windows

Using GLFW
  • Optic

    Optic - 2012-07-24

    I do the majority of my programming on my MBpro so I know that my setup works
    fine there. I recently wanted to debug some OpenGL bits using geDebugger, as
    well as confirm my cross-platform(ness).
    When cloning my codebase down onto Win 7 I am having serious issues getting an
    OpenGL 3.2 app to compile.

    C:\Users\Chris\workspace\OldYoungEngine\src\actors\Actor.cpp:62:26: error: 'glBindVertexArray' was not declared in this scope
    C:\Users\Chris\workspace\OldYoungEngine\src\actors\Actor.cpp:64:46: error: 'glBindBuffer' was not declared in this scope
    C:\Users\Chris\workspace\OldYoungEngine\src\actors\Actor.cpp:66:73: error: 'glVertexAttribPointer' was not declared in this scope
    C:\Users\Chris\workspace\OldYoungEngine\src\actors\Actor.cpp:69:41: error: 'glEnableVertexAttribArray' was not declared in this scope
    C:\Users\Chris\workspace\OldYoungEngine\src\actors\Actor.cpp:77:42: error: 'glDisableVertexAttribArray' was not declared in this scope
    C:\Users\Chris\workspace\OldYoungEngine\src\actors\Actor.cpp: In member function 'void Actor::UpdateBuffers()':
    C:\Users\Chris\workspace\OldYoungEngine\src\actors\Actor.cpp:172:36: error: 'glDeleteBuffers' was not declared in this scope
    C:\Users\Chris\workspace\OldYoungEngine\src\actors\Actor.cpp:177:37: error: 'glDeleteBuffers' was not declared in this scope
    C:\Users\Chris\workspace\OldYoungEngine\src\actors\Actor.cpp:182:34: error: 'glDeleteVertexArrays' was not declared in this scope
    C:\Users\Chris\workspace\OldYoungEngine\src\actors\Actor.cpp:194:30: error: 'glGenVertexArrays' was not declared in this scope
    C:\Users\Chris\workspace\OldYoungEngine\src\actors\Actor.cpp:196:26: error: 'glBindVertexArray' was not declared in this scope
    C:\Users\Chris\workspace\OldYoungEngine\src\actors\Actor.cpp:198:33: error: 'glGenBuffers' was not declared in this scope
    C:\Users\Chris\workspace\OldYoungEngine\src\actors\Actor.cpp:199:46: error: 'glBindBuffer' was not declared in this scope
    C:\Users\Chris\workspace\OldYoungEngine\src\actors\Actor.cpp:200:78: error: 'glBufferData' was not declared in this scope
    mingw32-make[2]: *** [CMakeFiles/main.dir/src/actors/Actor.cpp.obj] Error 1

    This is the Errors I am getting and it would appear to be specifically GL3
    related looking at the functions that are apparently not declared.

    Any ideas ?
    Anyone actually successfully get a 3.2 context to work on Windows 7 (Using
    Eclipse project generated from CMake here, although whatever IDE etc isn't
    really important)

    Thanks in advance!

  • Optic

    Optic - 2012-07-24

    From what I've read and seen from others experiences, getting Glew to work
    with GLFW is a PITA.
    I did try it early on when I was testing this, putting the GLEW include before
    GLFW, but I still ran into issues of GLFW complaining about gl.h being
    included before (or something to that affect).

    It's such a shame that this isn't easier.

  • Camilla Löwy

    Camilla Löwy - 2012-07-24

    If you encounter any problems, or if you know where these discussions took
    place, please make a post about it.

    Lots of people use GLEW with GLFW with no problems and have for years, myself
    included. If there are any issues, I'd like to know about them.

  • Optic

    Optic - 2012-07-24

    This could be a stupid question :
    Say I have this structure for e.g.

    - Main.cpp
    - Engine .h/.cpp
    - Actors
    -- Actor.h/.cpp

    Engine requires GLFW to do the normal initialisation etc.
    Actor requires access to GL for drawing etc.

    Currently (which work on OSX) before GLEW :

    #include <GL/glfw.h>
    #include <GL/glfw.h>
    #include <Actors/Actor.h>

    This works fine, obviously this is overly simplified.

    Now that I've added GLEW to the mix should my includes look like this ?

    #include <GL/glew.h>
    #include <GL/glfw.h>
    #include <GL/glew.h>
    #include <GL/glfw.h>

    This is what Is giving me the error : "GL/glew.h:84:2: error: #error gl.h
    included before glew.h"

    I know this is likely a really stupid / simple thing e.g. only including 'X'
    once in place 'Y' instead of all over the place, else it may likely be a bad
    habit I've picked up which is confusing me.

    Thanks in advance for any pointers.

  • Camilla Löwy

    Camilla Löwy - 2012-07-24

    Are you absolutely certain you're not including the GLFW header or an OpenGL
    header before the GLEW one? The GLEW header has inclusion guards, so a second
    inclusion of it wouldn't cause any warnings at all, regardless of what was
    included before.

  • Optic

    Optic - 2012-07-24

    Hmm, yea after some following of includes I believe I got that sorted, however
    a linker error has now presented itself (At-least I'm past compiler errors

    E:\Development\C++Libraries\glfw-2.7.6\lib-mingw\x86\libglfw.a(win32_window.o):win32_window.c:(.text+0x240): undefined reference to `__imp__wglMakeCurrent@8'
    mingw32-make[2]: Leaving directory `C:/Users/Chris/workspace/OldYoungEngine'
    mingw32-make[1]: Leaving directory `C:/Users/Chris/workspace/OldYoungEngine'
    E:\Development\C++Libraries\glfw-2.7.6\lib-mingw\x86\libglfw.a(win32_window.o):win32_window.c:(.text+0x251): undefined reference to `__imp__wglDeleteContext@4'
    E:\Development\C++Libraries\glfw-2.7.6\lib-mingw\x86\libglfw.a(win32_window.o):win32_window.c:(.text+0xf99): undefined reference to `__imp__wglGetProcAddress@4'
    E:\Development\C++Libraries\glfw-2.7.6\lib-mingw\x86\libglfw.a(win32_window.o):win32_window.c:(.text+0x1781): undefined reference to `__imp__wglMakeCurrent@8'
    E:\Development\C++Libraries\glfw-2.7.6\lib-mingw\x86\libglfw.a(win32_window.o):win32_window.c:(.text+0x18c1): undefined reference to `__imp__wglCreateContext@4'
    E:\Development\C++Libraries\glfw-2.7.6\lib-mingw\x86\libglfw.a(win32_window.o):win32_window.c:(.text+0x1d56): undefined reference to `__imp__glGetIntegerv@8'
    E:\Development\C++Libraries\glfw-2.7.6\lib-mingw\x86\libglfw.a(win32_window.o):win32_window.c:(.text+0x1d6d): undefined reference to `__imp__glGetFloatv@8'
    E:\Development\C++Libraries\glfw-2.7.6\lib-mingw\x86\libglfw.a(glext.o):glext.c:(.text+0x1c0): undefined reference to `__imp__glGetIntegerv@8'
    E:\Development\C++Libraries\glfw-2.7.6\lib-mingw\x86\libglfw.a(glext.o):glext.c:(.text+0x1fb): undefined reference to `__imp__glGetIntegerv@8'
    E:\Development\C++Libraries\glfw-2.7.6\lib-mingw\x86\libglfw.a(glext.o):glext.c:(.text+0x2f0): undefined reference to `__imp__glGetIntegerv@8'
    E:\Development\C++Libraries\glfw-2.7.6\lib-mingw\x86\libglfw.a(win32_glext.o):win32_glext.c:(.text+0x7e): undefined reference to `__imp__wglGetProcAddress@4'

    As I referenced earlier I'm using CMake if that's any help, MinGW and MSYS on
    Win 7.

    (Just to test I also tried linking against the VS lib "GLFW.lib" instead of

  • Camilla Löwy

    Camilla Löwy - 2012-07-24

    You should read the section on using GLFW in the
    readme file.


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