Multiple windows on multiple monitors

Using GLFW
  • Dan

    Dan - 2014-07-04

    I've been building a setup with three projectors illuminating a cylindrical screen. To that end, I'm trying to create a scene with three different windows that each are full screen on one of the projectors. I was able to follow an online tutorial ( to create multiple windows with different contexts. However, when I try to make the windows run full screen on the projectors by adding

    int count;
    GLFWmonitor** monitors = glfwGetMonitors(&count);

    and then changing the first nullptr in CreateWindow(c_iDefaultScreenWidth, c_iDefaultScreenHeight, "First", nullptr, nullptr) to monitors[1] in the first case and monitors[2] in the second, I only see the image on the second window while the first window is black. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? Thanks!

  • Greg Nott

    Greg Nott - 2014-07-14

    C/C++ arrays are zero based, try using monitors[0] and monitors[1] instead.

    Also there are some bugs in GLFWs handling of full screen windows, e.g:

    You might want to download and build GLFW from the latest source to get these fixes.


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