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Release glewpy-0.7.4

Just a few bug fixes. More platform binaries posted. Built with Glew-1.3.4 and using the new Pyrex- release.

Posted by Charles Moad 2006-04-24

Release glewpy-0.7.1

Added GL_EXT_framebuffer_object

Posted by Charles Moad 2005-06-10

Release glewpy-0.7

Almost all of the GL extensions are wrapped. The only remaining ones are deemed duplicates or difficult to express in python. These can still be wrapped if requests are made on the mailing list. This release corresponds to GLEW 1.2.5, but will work fine under 1.3.0.

Posted by Charles Moad 2005-02-01

Release glewpy-0.5

Added many more extensions. Glew-1.3.0 support will be added when their lib issues are resolved. Help testing GL_ARB_imaging would be appreciated.

Posted by Charles Moad 2005-01-18

Release glewpy-0.4

Added GL1.[2345] and 2.0 support.

Posted by Charles Moad 2004-12-21

Release glewpy-0.3

Added missing file from dists, glewpy.pxi.

More extensions:

Posted by Charles Moad 2004-12-20

Release glewpy-0.2

Added quite a few more simple extensions. New way to query extension availability: GLEW_ARB_shading_language_100(). Optimized the passing in of iterables.

Posted by Charles Moad 2004-12-17

Release glewpy-0.1

First release is out! This offers all the extensions needed for ARB shader and GLSL support. Many more extensions on the way.

Posted by Charles Moad 2004-12-16