#141 always includes glu.h


My application is a 3D graphics engine/server that includes glew.h and glew.c into the project when it is built. My application does NOT have any use for the GLU functions, and therefore my project has never included the glu.h header. This worked with GLEW previously, but I just downloaded and installed the most recent GLEW v155 and in the new header glew.h it unconditionally includes header <GL glu.h=""> at line 1158, which crashes my compiles since I do not need or have that header on my system, and don't want it in my application.

To fix this, I put the following around that entire section of includes:

ifdef WANT_GLU

section that contains: #include <GL glu.h="">


I suggest you add code of your choice that has the same effect.

GLEW is great!



  • Nigel Stewart

    Nigel Stewart - 2010-09-01

    Yes, there are plans to do this conditional inclusion of GL/glu.h, but the patch I've tried wasn't quite portable.
    Thanks for filing a bug.

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