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GAE 0.3 is released

This release overhauls the GUI, adding improved fonts, droplists, check-boxes, and all (or most) the stuff you would expect in a modern GUI; new Lua commands; Improved particle systems; Added PhysFS support; 8 player support; and many more. See for more details.

Posted by Nathan T 2010-09-19

Daniel is back

Daniel was the main programmer of GAE but suddenly disappeared due to illness. Now he is back and recovering. We can look forward to many new features and bug fixes.

Posted by Nathan T 2008-10-27

New Beginnings

After our hoster became ill we were unable to continue developing Glest Advanced Engine. Now, with Sourceforge, we will be able to continue adding exciting features and making Glest more stable.

Posted by Nathan T 2008-10-01