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GLE -- alpha blending in version 3.1.0

GLE is a library of C functions that draw extruded surfaces, including surfaces of revolution, sweeps, tubes, polycones, polycylinders and helicoids. GLE uses the OpenGL(R) API to perform the actual rendering.

The new version 3.1.0 includes new varients of
existing functions that allow alpha-blending (transparency)
to be used. Any subroutines that used to take RGB
arguments now have analogous *_c4f() versions that
take RGBA (alpha) colors. A simple demo showing
alpha transparency can be found in the examples/alpha.c
file. ... read more

Posted by Linas Vepstas 2003-03-18

version 3.0.6 is available

ship some missing files
fix bugs due to microsoft
add GPL as alternate license choice
update libtool

Posted by Linas Vepstas 2001-11-21

gle-3.0.5 is out

gle-3.0.5 is out. It includes a reorganized
documentation directory (documentation will now install correctly), a RedHat RPM spec file,
slightly improved docs, and MS Visual C project files.

Posted by Linas Vepstas 2001-07-21

gle-3.0.3 fixes configure bug

gle-3.0.3 fixes a configure bug (for libXmu) and a C++ wrapper problem.

Posted by Linas Vepstas 2001-04-25

Version 3.0.1 fixes configure bug

Version 3.0.1 is now available. It should fix a
problem where some users cannot build the package because configure cannot locate libGL.a and/or libGLUT.a

Posted by Linas Vepstas 2000-06-25

Version 3.0.0 is Available

Version 3.0.0 is now ready for general use.

The build process has been cleaned up to use automake/autoconf. This should make the package more portable. In the process, all source files got moved to one directory. In particular, there is now only one include file <GL/gle.h> that you need to include. Because of this, the major version number was changed to 3.0 (because the renaming of the header file leads to a (minor) incompatibility).... read more

Posted by Linas Vepstas 2000-06-15

Source Code Now in CVS

The gle source code is now checked into CVS.
However, it won't compile, because the makefiles
haven't been checked in yet. I hope to convert
the build process to automake/autoconf 'real soon now'

Posted by Linas Vepstas 2000-06-11

New SourceForge Project

GLE is becoming a sourceforge project!
Source code will be moved to CVS and
cleaned up in the upcoming months.
Hopefully, this will patching and extending
GLE easier than it has been to date.

Posted by Linas Vepstas 2000-05-10

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