GLDirect 6

  • SiO2

    SiO2 - 2011-02-19

    Any suggestions for GLDirect v6?

    This project is currently in the planning phase.

    • Nicholas Wride

      Nicholas Wride - 2013-09-17

      I would like it to support openGL 2.0 maby even 3.0 so I can play games like dreamkiller and quake 4 in Nvidia 3D vision! :D

  • Daniel Jones

    Daniel Jones - 2011-02-20

    If the initial aim is Amnesia: the dark Descent, then I would think the project would have to morph from emulating OpenGL 1.x up to 3.0,  but I'm not entirely sure. And if that's the case, I think Doom 3 uses OpenGL 2.0, you'd probably end up covering a lot of bases going that route. But I wonder if that is too ambitious for the next release?

    We might need to get in contact with the devs over at Frictional Games what OpenGL (and extensions) they use for Amnesia:

    They are a small group and very responsive and active on their own fuorum, and I'm sure they would be interested in watching the development of such a project.

  • markus

    markus - 2011-02-23


    I would like to have support for Second Life.
    The client uses OpenGL only and it would be great to have SL in stereoscopic 3D.
    The client is open source, so it should be possible to adapt the code of it, if GLDirect v6 is not able to be used out of the box.

    So I wish you good luck for your project.


  • Geri

    Geri - 2011-04-12

    geometry shader support


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