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glData 0.3.5 Released!

glData 0.3.5 (8-July-2004)

Largely another maintenance release:

+ Added the ability to set the GLScene shade model (default/flat/smooth)
* Minor changes to sync with latest GLScene-CVS (8-July-2004)
* Minor changes for OpenXML 3.1.10 compatibility

Posted by Aaron Hochwimmer 2004-07-08

glData 0.3.4 Released!

* Many minor changes to sync with latest CVS version of GLScene
* Built with Delphi 7 Update Pack 1
* Install set is smaller (NSIS v2.0)

Posted by Aaron Hochwimmer 2004-06-26

glData 0.3.2 Released!

Now with Delaunay triangulation...

Posted by Aaron Hochwimmer 2003-10-06

glData 0.3.1 Released!

Contains animation code, axes, docking windows, locator form...

Posted by Aaron Hochwimmer 2003-09-21

glData 0.3.0 Unleashed!

Large number of changes in this one:

+ Added benchmarking tool
+ Added point 'locator'
+ Added rectilinear geothermal simulation grids (MULKOM/TOUGH/TETRAD)
+ Added support for vector fields
+ Display multiple Surfer Grids
+ Display multiple ArcInfo Grids
+ Surfer Animation - export to AVI
+ Added format control for colour scale
+ Added start of online help
+ Enhancements to Tip of the Day (thanks Dave Kerr)
* Numerical edits now accept scientific format
* Removed JVCL dependancy

Posted by Aaron Hochwimmer 2003-09-03

glData 0.2.8 Released!

+ Added export module
* Much improved colour scale (all types, all modes)
* Bug fix to ArcInfo scaling

Posted by Aaron Hochwimmer 2003-07-01

glData 0.2.7 Released!

Now with a fancy import module as well as colour scale legend.

Note the legend is not complete - it only works for the data points .clr and is missing some options. The colour scale is not activated yet for surfer or arcinfo grids.

Posted by Aaron Hochwimmer 2003-06-29

glData CVS now online

The glData CVS is now online!!
Laid out with the following top level modules:

built - readme, nsis script, sample and aux files
comps - required components (Import/Export)
dcus - for generating dcus (but not in repository)
project - contains dpr for Delphi 7
source - source tree

Have fun.

Posted by Aaron Hochwimmer 2003-06-29

glData (0.2.6) now has support for custom colour palettes!

+ Added user-settings to registry
+ Added support for colour spectrum files (.clr)
+ Included a number of sample palettes

Ships with 67 colour clr files :)

Posted by Aaron Hochwimmer 2003-06-25

glData 0.2.5 Released!

+ Added ability to apply a base map (jpeg format) to a grid
+ Added ability to tile base map, x and y tile factors
+ Added zoom by mouse wheel - Requested by Dave Kerr
* Bug fix to surfer importing - correctly detects ArcInfo grids

Posted by Aaron Hochwimmer 2003-06-21

glData 0.2.4 Released!

+ Added start of points (GLPOINTS)
+ Added ability to import a scalar value (for data)
+ Added start of pipe view (interpolated value between nodes)
+ Added ARCINFO grid importing - Thanks to Phil Scadden for code.
* Bug fix for surfer importing - Thanks to Richard Beitelmair for reporting.

Posted by Aaron Hochwimmer 2003-06-19

glData 0.2.3 Released!

Many bug fixes and improvements. Surfer grid importing is more robust on "real data". Main changes include:

+ Added sorting tool for both original and processed data
+ Added preferences form (hotkey = F2)
+ Added alpha blending for surfer grids
+ Added option for setting background colour
+ Added move tool HUD for updating candidate position
+ Updated user interface
* Bug fixes for centering and displaying a surfer grid

Posted by Aaron Hochwimmer 2003-05-19

glData 0.2.2 Released!

glData is now a interactive data point editor. You can move points around in the 3d view and have the data grid update automaticall.

+ Added "Move" Tool for moving data points - the grid data and connectivity line updates in real time!
+ Added function for setting focus from the processed grid record
+ Added "Empty" functions for both original and measured data grids.

Posted by Aaron Hochwimmer 2003-05-15

glData 0.2.1 Released!

+ Added orthogonal camera projection
+ Added scene scaling (independent x,y,z scale factors)
+ Added start of Head Up Display (HUD)
+ Added export of processed data
+ Added live editing (scene updating) of processed data

Posted by Aaron Hochwimmer 2003-05-14

glData 0.2.0 Released!

Now with provision to view a Surfer Grid:

Posted by Aaron Hochwimmer 2003-05-14

glData 0.1.3 Released!

+ Added Output To Bitmap Functions
+ Added Center View Function
+ Added Co-ordinate Transformation Report
+ Added Connectivity Line

Posted by Aaron Hochwimmer 2003-05-11

glData 0.1.2 Release

+ Added options to set point colour, radius
+ Added option to toggle point wireframe mode
+ Rearranged interface

Posted by Aaron Hochwimmer 2003-05-09

glData Listed in Application Directory

Posted by Aaron Hochwimmer 2003-05-08

glData 0.1.1 Released

Cleaned up and modified from the "datapoints" utility I wrote for the GLScene Documentation Site:

Posted by Aaron Hochwimmer 2003-05-08

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