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Project alive?

  • Hockey Dave

    Hockey Dave - 2008-09-16

    Is this project still active?

    • Ron Bodkin

      Ron Bodkin - 2008-10-02

      We are planning our next move. I'd like to make Glassbox more componentized and easier to use in small parts. The developers on the project have had a lot less time to contribute recently, but I'm optimistic that will change. We'd love your ideas for how to improve.

    • Nico

      Nico - 2009-08-29

      I also wonder if the project is still alive ?
      If so, it may be interesting to have a kind of forge in order to able to propose custom monitors :)

    • Ron Bodkin

      Ron Bodkin - 2009-08-31

      I've been improving Glassbox for my employer and am hoping to roll those improvements back in to the product. There's also a lot of opportunity for those who'd like to contribute to push the project forward.

      We're eager for community contributions - definitely I'd like to see more custom monitors: if we get more of them, we'll consider how to better support them. But for now feel free to post ideas etc. to the developers forum.


    • Nico

      Nico - 2009-09-01

      Great news !
      And where can I find the developer forum ?

      • Ron Bodkin

        Ron Bodkin - 2009-09-01

        Hover over the forums link under the Glassbox title on this page, then pick Developers.

    • Ron Bodkin

      Ron Bodkin - 2009-09-02

      Thanks for letting me know. I changed the permission so it is open to the public.



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