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Game Development Notes

Here are some notes describing the development of this project.

Posted by Berlin Brown 2005-07-03

Spiritbot and glAnts

Expect a combination of true AI spiritbot and a 3D application, glAnts. The 'gl' will be replaced with java3D, but the idea is similar.

Posted by Berlin Brown 2004-05-26

Linux Version is available

The first linux version of the game is ready. It is not complete yet, but it is working and I like it on linux. It is no tuxracer or gltron, but it is something.

Berlin Brown

Posted by Berlin Brown 2002-10-02

Some Gameplay added

Sept 4, 2002 I have added the ability to shoot the other characters. It makes this a little bit more interesting.

Berlin Brown

Posted by Berlin Brown 2002-09-05

Mini Update

Here is a mini update with slight changes, like I added some textures and changed the trail structure around. You will notice that the food is in a central location as opposed to randomly spread out. Changes things a little. Next update expect a bigger set of changes for example another character that destroys lesser breeds. Possibly a sphere map.

Posted by Berlin Brown 2002-08-21

Next Update

I hope to get another version of glants up by the weekend or at least next weekend. Currently the ants dont follow the pheromone trail. What I would like to have is to put a clump of food in a location for example and instead of the ants blindly walking around, they would follow the trail to the food. This will aid when I add the maze. Of course the opengl is ugly, I hope to add textures and better looking objects. All in due time. The arena, also leaves much to be desired.

Posted by Berlin Brown 2002-08-16

Alpha Version Added

Allright, I finally had a chance to upload my files, source is included of course. And everything is compiled with visualC++ with the standard opengl package with visual studio.
You are not getting any thing special in terms of graphics so dont expect half-life, your basic opengl boxes and spheres. The ants drop pheromones but they dont sniff them out.

Posted by Berlin Brown 2002-08-16

Site is up

Yea, the site is finally up, there are no downloads as of yet.

Posted by Berlin Brown 2002-08-13