Gladius DB v0.6.3

Gladius DB is the most efficient flatfile database engine written in pure PHP, it is compatible with a subset of intermediate SQL92 and does not need any additional library to work. It perfectly understands SQL and is also supported through ADOdb Lite.

In this release some non-critical bugs regarding subqueries and query termination check.

The database files are fully backward compatible (and supported) since v0.5, no changes have been made to the database format.

Version 0.6.3 revision 154
* added default value (false) for $magic_quotes in Gladius::Escape() method
* fixed bug in subqueries with nested SELECT statements
* fixed bug in ORDERed resultsets which were ordered by the (ordering field index - 1) field if the ordering field was not selected
* fixed INVALID_DB error message (with creation of CANNOT_SELECT_DB separate error message)


Posted by Daniel 2007-04-17

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