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Glade 3.6.1 Win32 Release

Glade 3.6.1 is now available in an NSIS installer package with all dependencies bundled. Start using the native GtkBuilder today!

Posted by Dragon Master 2009-05-07

Glade 3.6.1 Release

From with some corrections:

Dual Project Formats
Now projects can be edited in libglade format and in GtkBuilder format, offering you a load of new features only available in GtkBuilder format (also removing access to deprecated widgets).
Projects can be converted, the operation is undoable, and can result in data loss when some objects/widgets can't be ported to the target format (classic libglade format projects can always be converted to GtkBuilder format).
Target Project Version
Glade now lets you target your GTK+ version for your project, giving you visual feedback and warnings about objects, properties and signals that you may be using that are not available in the targeted version of GTK+.
Interestingly Glade 3.6 depends on GTK+ 2.14, but gives you access to GTK+ properties from GTK+ 2.16 even if only running against 2.14.
Access to new objects
In GtkBuilder format, we have access to a whole new world of objects we've never seen before in Glade:... read more

Posted by Dragon Master 2009-05-07