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Project closed !

Posted by Sven Goethel 2007-09-07

Jungle3D in CVS !

Jungle3D resides next to GL4Java and GL4Java2:
modulename == Jungle3D.

read the docs inside the dir docs ;-)

happy participating ..

cheers, sven

Posted by Sven Goethel 2003-06-29

Jungle3D launched !

in contrast to the predecessor GL4Java,
Jungle3D is being launched !

this new design and upcoming implementation,
should ease usage and maintenance...

and yes, it is in contrast an competition
to others .. as well as with GL4Java2 ;-)

.. anyway .. there is no competition, have fun.

Posted by Sven Goethel 2003-06-29

GL4Java rc

This is an release cnadidat !
CVS is uptodate for !
Please fetch the package from:

Posted by Sven Goethel 2001-12-06


bugfix automatic context switching !

Posted by Sven Goethel 2001-09-26

rel-2-8-0-0 prerelease 3

+ optimized switching
+ binaries:
- win32 i386
- linux glibc2 i386
- linux glibc2 ppc

Posted by Sven Goethel 2001-07-24


- jdk 1.4 unix bugfix
- GLF font support
- Doxygen docu support

Posted by Sven Goethel 2001-06-18

version released

this cvs and source only release
achieves a better swing performance and
simplifies it.

also the clear color is set ;-)

Posted by Sven Goethel 2001-05-09

version 2-7-1-0 released

o Added a check for NULL Pointer.
If the native GL/GLU function pointer are zero
(may not exist),
the jni wrapper function just return a dummy zero

o Added a "AccessController.doPrivileged" block for JVM's
>= 1.2,
within the native library loader method
and the drawable.*Factory* classes.

No more extra java.policy entries are needed to run
gl4java applet's, if:
- using JVM >= 1.2
- gl4java.jar is installed properly within jre/lib/ext... read more

Posted by Sven Goethel 2001-04-10

CVS "rel-2-6-0-0" release !

see CHANGES.txt

Posted by Sven Goethel 2001-02-23

OpenGL[TM] for Java[TM]

The new legal project name is
OpenGL[tm] for Java[tm] !
I will change all GL4Java namings (except the package name,
and the URL's) to the logal name in the near future !
Till this change, understand GL4Java as an abbreviation ...

Posted by Sven Goethel 2001-02-14

rel- released

see changes.txt

Posted by Sven Goethel 2001-02-14

GLU Callback Bugfix

Is added in the CVS, and will resides in
upcoming Version 2.5.1 !

Posted by Sven Goethel 2001-02-08

CVS: "rel-2-5-0-0-test2" released !

The 1st GL4Java sources are released on CVS.
They reflect the version "rel-2-5-0-0-test2"
(also tag-name).

Posted by Sven Goethel 2000-11-18