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MultiFAQ is compatible with Geeklog 2.0

Geeklog v2.0 was finally released just a while ago.
Just to reassure, MultiFAQ works flawlessly with it.

That's because MultiFAQ has no blocks and its centerblock mode only controls the homepage (no support for topic centerblocks).

Posted by lwc 2013-04-25

Mercurial and MultiFAQ (multilingual FAQ) plugin v3.1

The SVN has been replaced with Mercurial. If for nothing else, than for the fact it forces one to describe new changes instead of just uploading them...

Almost five months after MultiFAQ was rebooted as v3.0, the Geeklog community has released a beta of v1.6. MultiFAQ v3.1 didn't just fix some remaining bugs, but is now proud to be the first compatible plugin for v1.6's new search engine.

To sum up, Multifaq v3.1:... read more

Posted by lwc 2009-06-04

MultiFAQ (multilingual FAQ) plugin v3.0!

After almost a year of work, MultiFAQ has been rebooted. Full of new features and concepts, and a Geeklog v1.5.1 GUI (optional), please look for the download button above and try it.

Posted by lwc 2009-01-04

New owners, SVN & MultiFAQ (multilingual FAQ) plugin v2.2RC2

Hello, the user Tokyoahead has quit his involvement in Geeklog CMS, and agreed to hand over his project here.

As a first step, the CVS has been replaced with SVN and Tokyoahead's long missing 2007's MultiFAQ v2.2RC2 was finally uploaded.

This was Tokyoahead's last version. New versions will be made by us. Other plugins in this project aren't currently scheduled to be updated.

Please contact if you have any requests for this project.... read more

Posted by lwc 2008-03-16


The SF-Project has just started. Please feel free to look around. The first contents should follow soon!

Posted by  tokyoahead 2004-10-18