#23 via audio mono recording does not work

misc PCI (4)

If recording mono via the via82cxxx_audio driver
version 1.1.14b (included in kernel 2.4.3) you get only
half-filled buffers (first half seems to be ok, second
half is just garbage). I attached a log (with VIA_DEBUG
defined) of a stereo recording session (which works ok)
and a mono recording session (which is broken). In the
.tar file is also a small .wav containing the resulting



  • Richard Guenther

    Logfile and bogous .wav

  • Jeff Garzik

    Jeff Garzik - 2001-04-26
    • labels: --> misc PCI
    • assigned_to: nobody --> jgarzik
  • Richard Guenther

    Logged In: YES

    Still does not work (2.4.6)

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Logged In: NO

    same problem for me (i listened to your .wave file). since i
    need mono recording for my tv card (which is mono), i
    switched to the alsa driver 0.5, which works fine

    Stefan Ohrhallinger

  • Jeff Garzik

    Jeff Garzik - 2001-11-01
    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Jeff Garzik

    Jeff Garzik - 2001-11-01

    Logged In: YES

    This problem is fixed in the latest version of the driver. You
    can download the driver from the download section on this
    SourceForge web page.

  • Sönke Schwardt

    Sönke Schwardt - 2002-05-19

    Logged In: YES

    I'm using a clean 2.4.18 kernel with via82cxxx (v1.9.1)
    and got the same problem as described above.
    Stereorecording is wonderful but mono recording is broken.
    A visualising sound editor shows repeating excellent sound
    followed by data trash. Seems that the problem with half
    filled buffers is still present.
    Ideas ?


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