#19 PCI Bus error.

8139too (65)


I installed a 8139B nic into my old computer, and I
keep getting these errors:
eth1: PCI Bus error 2290
eth1: 'something' interrupt, intrstatus 0x8000

I got the same errors with the old rtl8139.c driver. On
the net I saw that these kind of errors were quite
usual. Other people solved them by changing the pci
latency timer, by upgrading the driver, or by disabling
the pci bus master mode.
I only get these errors when loading quite heavily over
the net, so I tried to force the nic into 10 mbit half
duplex, but that didn't help. Neither did changing the
pci latency timer.
The only thing left now would be to disable the pci bus
master mode. When I do this, using setpci and
command=0x03, the net dies. The only way I can get it
back is by switching on bus master mode again.
Is there any way of switching of bus master mode, or do
you have any other suggsetions?



  • Bengt Fritjoffson

    • assigned_to: nobody --> jgarzik
  • Jeff Garzik

    Jeff Garzik - 2001-11-01

    Logged In: YES

    Let me know if 0.9.20 still shows the same behavior.

  • Jeff Garzik

    Jeff Garzik - 2001-11-01
    • status: open --> closed-out-of-date

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