#49 Fix broken Amazon downloading in getpictures.pl


Downloading coverart (the large version to resize
nicely) no longer works on Amazon due to some changes
that have been made to the site. This mod to
getpictures.pl does two things:

1. Makes sure that it doesn't add the same URL more
than once (although I think this can still happen
because the already-existing regexp that strips the URL
doesn't catch the exact URL -- Amazon doesn't seem to
care. This is a general improvement and should prevent
your machine from hitting Amazon many times for a
single image.

2. To get the nice large image again, the script was
modified to add the large image link onto the
"detailurls" array, thus allowing it to go to that page
and see what's there.

It should be possible to apply this patch even without
my last patch to getpictures.pl, as I diffed my last
version and the modified version only.


  • William Skellenger

    • summary: Fix getpictures.pl --> Fix broken Amazon downloading in getpictures.pl
  • William Skellenger

    Logged In: YES

    Uploading again with one little change to correct my
    comments in #1. Fixed the original regex so that it should
    not be possible to store a URL more than once. A space,
    double quote, or greater-than symbol will mark the end of a
    URL. Previously it capped the URL and a space or quote,
    which was giving inconsistent results:


    URL that would be tried for photos (Amazon still accepted it):


    (I believe that the above is malformed in that it does not
    include quotes around the URL, however these types of URLs
    are appearing on Amazon's page)


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