#42 Multiple sound cards


It would be very useful to have an ability to install
multiple sound cards and have the software pick a
different mp3 stream for each card. This is really useful
for whole house audio which tends to be from a central
multi channel amplifier.

As far as I know, no DIY music server has this feqture,
yet most commercial ones do. It would be very useful.



  • Frank van der Stad

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    WOW, that would be great...

    Too bad I don't have the time right now, but I will look into it.

  • Henrik Johnson

    Henrik Johnson - 2004-05-13

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    Just writing to let you know that the jukebox already
    supports most of the stuff needed for this as is and that I
    am running two soundcards on my Jukebox at home. I haven't
    had a change to put much thought into how I would provide a
    reasonably easy interface for setting this up though so I
    don't really have any plans on putting this back into the
    jukebox. It involved a pretty much rewritten from scratch
    version of the tvjukebox package which replaces both the
    playit.pl daemon and the setvol daemon.

    I also am having real problem accessing the Sourceforge CVS
    so I can't commit the new stuff I have sitting at home.

    Underscore AB

  • Pieter

    Pieter - 2004-05-19

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    I am searching the same thing... If you find anything that
    suits your needs...

    Pieter Roggemans

  • Frank van der Stad

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    Have you something for me to work with? Maybe you can
    probide a download of the sources you have and I will try to
    convert it into a add-on so everyone can you it.


    (frank at vanderstadREMOVEME.nl)

  • Henrik Johnson

    Henrik Johnson - 2004-05-20

    Logged In: YES

    All I have is in the CVS. The key is the new version of the
    tvjukebox with a bunch of envirnoment parameters plus a new
    "VOLUMEPORT" setting. As I've said it's all undocumented
    (The README file for tvjukebox is horribly outdated since
    the last few days checkins).

    Underscore AB

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Logged In: NO

    What is the status on this ?


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