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#40 Non-random "song" grouping?

Peter Eddy

Hi, I'm new to GJukebox so forgive me if I'm
overlooking a feature that already exists.

What I'd like to suggest is a way to mark a group of
"songs" as tracks that should always be played
consecutively. That is, never played in random order.
I listen to a lot of classical music and you almost
never want to listen to classical music in random
order, you want to hear the first movement first, last
movement last.

Since classical music often spans single disks, it'd
ideally be possible to create this ordering
idependently of which disk the music was ripped from.

Thanks! And thanks too for the really cool software! It
took a while to weed through all the simiilar sounding
projects on sourceforge to find it but I'm glad I did.
I'm having a blast setting it up and creating groups
(which are really cool, BTW.)

(Using CVS version as of yesterday on RH8, with few
problems thanks to the forums here.)


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