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Asterisk Provider available in CVS for testing

A service provider for GJTAPI that supports the Asterisk open source PBX is available in CVS for testing. Thanks to Johannes Boesl for puting this first cut together. A file release is planned for the near future.

Posted by Richard Deadman 2005-08-26

Version 1.8 released: Tapi3, Sip

Version 1.8 of GJTAPI has been released. New to this version are the SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) and TAPI3 service providers. As well, the XTAPI bridge has been relicenced under X11 and included in the core.

For more information, see

Posted by Richard Deadman 2005-05-27

SIP Provider Released

Thanks to the hard work of Kim, there is now a provider for SIP. The first version of the provider, with a simple installation document, can be found in the Files section.

Posted by Richard Deadman 2004-11-04

Version 1.7 released: preliminary support for JAIN Jcat

The GJTAPI team has just released version 1.7 of the Java telephony framework. This release includes some bug fixes, an expansion of the properties file lookup algorithm and preliminary support for JSR #122 - JAIN Jcat (0.3.1).

JAIN Jcat is the call control extension to JAIN Jcc and adds some filtering support as well as new call control methods and events, such as conference and transfer. The specification is not yet complete and the GJTAPI team is waiting for some fixes to identified problems before adding support for four features.... read more

Posted by Richard Deadman 2004-02-25

Web Service Bridge now available

Under files, a new "bridge" service provider has been released that allows a JTAPI application to connect to a GJTAPI service provider located on a remote server using web services, aka jax-rpc, SOAP or .NET. The zip file contains the "web archive" to drop in a jax-rpc/servlets web server and a client jar file that provides the new service provider. This bridge is released under both the GPL and a commercial licence depending on the clients needs.

Posted by Richard Deadman 2003-11-05

Version 1.6 finally released

After a too-long wait, Version 1.6 has been released. This release provides a base for future JCAT support and a JTAPI 1.4 branch as well as some tweaks to the Media package, modems and soon-to-be-released Web Service bridge.

Please download this release, read the release notes and send any feedback or bugs to the project page. Thank you.


Posted by Richard Deadman 2003-11-04

Version 1.6pre released

Version 1.6pre has been released. This is a test release prior to the full release of 1.6 later this week. Because of this, we have keep the source and class files bundled together for now and have not released the JavaDocs. The full release will separate things out more, perhaps moving the Dialogic GC provider into a separate linux and windows jar file so that everyone doesn't have to pay for the size of the windows DLL.... read more

Posted by Richard Deadman 2003-04-01

Voice modem provider in CVS

Ray Tran has just checked in to CVS a raw provider for voice modems.
This is currently alpha-code, but is available now if people want to start
testing it.

Because of the large number of voice modems available it is neccesary to
extend an abstract class for the specific modem you are using.
An implementation has been included for the "Hayes Accura V92 External" modem,
this will probably work for other modems, especially those using the
"Lucent Venus" chipset. It should at least provide
a good start for anybody wanting to support another modem.... read more

Posted by Tim Panton 2003-01-16

Alpha Release of Dialogic GlobalCall Provider for linux

Tim Panton has just checked in to CVS a raw provider for Dialogic's Global call API. This is currently alpha-code, but is available now if people want to start testing it. Note that media is not yet supported. This is a starting-point, not a finished product.

Posted by Richard Deadman 2002-12-19

Version 1.5 released

Yesterday I tested, tagged and packaged up the latest code and released it as version 1.5. This rolls up recent bug fixes and adds support for Jcc 1.1. A bridge to XTAPI service providers has also been released (in a separate jar due to licencing restrictions).

With the XTAPI bridge, there are now 10 service providers that have been developed for GJTAPI.

Posted by Richard Deadman 2002-09-26 bases TeamCall JTAPI product on GJTAPI

ilink's TeamCallJTAPI product, now in Beta, is built on top of GJTAPI. ilink has been contributing a significant amount of code lately to GJTAPI and is demonstrating the strength of the platform for quickly building JTAPI implementations.

For more information, please see:

Posted by Richard Deadman 2002-09-26

Jcc 1.1 now supported

The source in CVS has been updated to now support the latest release of Jcc (1.1). The Jcc
1.1 classes can be found in the "jcc-1.1.jar" file within the Jcc drop zip file that can be found

Posted by Richard Deadman 2002-09-11

Jcc 1.0b now supported

I have just checked in code to support for the latest Jcc 1.0b public release released earlier this month.

Jcc 1.0b seems to have some bugs in that static final constants conflict between the jcp and jcc packages. This is probably an artifact of a move to get rid of the jcp package, but for now the GJTAPI Jcc layer has had to use the jcp constants.

Currently GJTAPI does not support redirection tracking and the new MidCall data -- these will require some additions/changes to the low-level JccTpi interface and callback TelephonyListener interfaces. These changes have a lot of ramifications, however, but if anyone wants to take them on... On the other hand, Jcc 1.0 doesn't seem really stable yet, so we might want to wait.... read more

Posted by Richard Deadman 2002-06-13

(Beta) XTAPI Bridge in CVS

Generic JTAPI and Jcc is a framework to allow for the rapid application of Java telephony specification implementations. It does this by reducing the "service provider" coding requirements by an order of magnitude and by providing common services.

I've released an XTAPI Bridge into CVS under src/xtapiSpSrc. This allows the XTAPI DLLs to be used by GJTAPI as yet another service provider. Because of XTAPI GPL licencing, I've separated this into its own source tree and licenced under LGPL. The total size is about 15 kb.... read more

Posted by Richard Deadman 2002-06-04

Jcc 1.0a now supported

I checked some code in yesterday that adds support for the latest Jcc 1.0a public release.

Currently Jcc is missing some support for termination cause setting and redirection tracking -- these will require some additions/changes to the low-level JccTpi interface and callback TelephonyListener interfaces. These changes have a lot of ramifications however, and will probably have to wait for the Jcc final release.... read more

Posted by Richard Deadman 2002-04-12