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24 Dec 2010 Beta Release

Minor, but important fix with htaccess url rewrite rules, and language code acquisition from url. Was affecting any url, and making code behave awkward.

Posted by unity100 2010-12-24

16 Dec 2010 Beta Release

Minor bugfixes with forms in modules. POST module/action request now overrides any ms string in GET

Posted by unity100 2010-12-15

15 Dec 2010 Beta Release

User module now supports email activation, admin activation, auto activation, password reset by email. System now uses mod_rewrite to serve languages from urls that have their ISO 2 letter code as virtual subdirectories, in a SEO friendly fashion. a .htaccess file with complete rules is also added. And various fixes.

Posted by unity100 2010-12-15

04 Dec 2010 Beta Release

Minor bugfix with permissions table column count error.

Posted by unity100 2010-12-04

29 Nov 2010 Beta Release

This release contains an example module that can be used as a base to create modules and how to instructions for adding actions, modules languages and so on.

Posted by unity100 2010-11-29

26 Nov 2010 Beta Release

Now there is Google's reCaptcha service (free) for user registration form in user module. Password field set to be unpopulated in all form submission/load cases. Some other minor fixes.

Posted by unity100 2010-11-26

25 Nov 2010 Beta release

This release fixes a bug with user extra fields saving in user module, brings sanitizing with all $_POST, $_GET and $_COOKIE variables before being imported into $gb singleton, alongside a few cosmetic fixes and template changes. Minor.

Posted by unity100 2010-11-25