run gimp 2.8 on x11

  • Anonymous - 2012-06-26

    can i run gimp2.8 on X11 without Xquartz?

    i used gimp2.8 on X11 without bug.
    but after installing gimp2.8 again, gimp ask about Xquartz.

    is there any way to use gimp 2.8 on X11 ???

  • Simone Karin Lehmann

    No, the current packages depend on XQuartz because there is a bug in Apple's X11 on SnowLeopard. And because the package 2.8.0p1 is an universal app, which runs on SnowLeopard 32bit and 64bit and on Lion systems, it depends on XQuartz 2.7.1 or higher.



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