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Gimp 2.8.2 Plug-In build

  • Stefan

    Stefan - 2012-10-08


    did anybody succeed to build a plug-in for the native version?

    The dmg does not contain gimptool etc.

    For X11 version /opt/local/… contained all I've needed.

    Thanks for discussion!

  • asiga

    asiga - 2012-12-17

    I'd really appreciate some quick reference for building plugins on this native version (by "quick reference" I mean a brief list of what you need to install -ie: is it enough if you installed Xcode  and this Gimp native version, or do you need any extra tools, or extra headers, etc…? and also any important difference on building for this version vs building for Linux.

  • asiga

    asiga - 2013-01-14

    Doesn't anybody have info about this, or is this a topic for the developer forum?

  • asiga

    asiga - 2013-07-16

    I'd really like to be able to build some plugins for 2.8.x... how should I proceed? any pointers to how get this working on the native 2.8.6 versions?


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