Paste from system clipboard doesn't work

  • David Miller

    David Miller - 2013-01-07

    In 2.8.2p4 on Mountain Lion…  If I copy image or text data from another OS X application (such as GraphicConverter or Firefox) and try to paste it into GIMP, I get a small white box instead of whatever I actually tried to paste.

  • Thomas Tempelmann

    I am seeing a similar problem with 2.8.4's default install, on both 10.7.5 and 10.8.3: Any graphics I copy in other programs such as TextEdit and Preview can't be pasted into GIMP at all. GIMP instead seems to keep its own private Clipboard instead of using the system-wide clipboard, pasting whatever I copied last in GIMP, not what I copied in another application.
    That's quite the bug, and I've seen similar reports back in 2009 ( - there, people suggested to change X11 prefs that control the synching of the system clipboard. We don't seem to have this option in X11-less 2.84 any more, do we?

  • Simone Karin Lehmann

    hhmm, have you tried my version of GIMP from ? (sorry, that there are now two GIMP builds. the so callad 'official' one, which is very basic, and mine, which integrates better into OS X, fixes some OS X bugs, inlcudes Python and many plugins....)

    AFAICS my build works as expected. I can open an image in Preview, copy that image with CMD + A and CMD + C and then paste it into GIMP by CMD + V

    Please download a version from and give it a try.


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