Mac, GIMP & Mouse

  • Shane Semler

    Shane Semler - 2011-02-24

    I'm a long time GIMP user but I'm new to Mac. My Wacom works perfect with the GIMP. I figured out to use click-through so I would have to double click all the time on windows. What I can't figure out is why my mouse can't use any tools. I pick a tool, select for example - it does nothing on the canvas. Paint tool, nothing. Any tool I try does nothing when using my mouse. I switch to my Wacom and all the tools work perfectly. Anyone have any Idea what might be going on here?

  • effluxion

    effluxion - 2011-03-25

    I have exactly the same problem. I use Linux as well as OSX so I've just abandoned OSX for Gimp.

  • TwirlySocrates

    TwirlySocrates - 2011-11-07

    Also have this problem.

    In order for my mouse to function, I need to go into the GIMP input settings, and disable all Wacom tablet input.
    This really stinks - I would like to be able to easily switch between inputs.

    Surely, this must be a bug. Should I report it?


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