Way to stitch images in GIMP?

  • Anonymous - 2010-08-19

    Hello again,

    Just wondering if there is an equivalent way to use the Automate -> Photomerge feature found in Photoshop (for stitching manyimages)? I am having trouble getting Hugin to stitch some images together correctly, and would like to see if there is a way to try it in GIMP. Please let me know how, or if this is better addresses elsewhere. Thanks!


  • Sanzo Ghenzo

    Sanzo Ghenzo - 2011-12-18

    I bet you already figured it out…
    The best open source project to make panoramas (and other manipulations) is hugin: http://hugin.sourceforge.net/
    It might be a little confusing at first, but once you get the idea and learn how to use the assistant you can stitch photos in little time.


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