IPTC data not conserved after editing TIFF

  • nikolaii

    nikolaii - 2012-06-25

    Hello, I've installed the last version of Gimp for Mac, and apparently, the IPTC data are not conserved when editing a TIFF file made by Lightroom (if it makes a difference).
    I've tried to search if there is a special plugin to activate, but with no luck.
    any hints ?

  • nikolaii

    nikolaii - 2012-06-27

    Just some more note: actually even if I don't touch (edit) the file, just load it in Gimp, I cannot see the IPTC datas.

  • Simone Karin Lehmann

    No, IPTC data is conserved.

    You can't see IPTC meta data in GIMP. There is no IPTC browser and for TIFFs you even can't see EXIF.

    But, IPTC and EXIF meta data _is_ preserved after editing TIFF and JPEG images. Open your TIFF in  Preview.app and have a look at the IPTC data via the menu 'Tools -> Show Inspector' and all your meta data is still there.

    BTW, this only works with the GIMP on OS X packages :-)


  • nikolaii

    nikolaii - 2012-06-28

    Ah, all right, so it's like a "bad" behavior of Gimp ?
    Anyway, I've tried another thing: import the TIFF file in Gimp, and export it in JPEG _or_ TIFF. In that case, the IPTC data are lost. I don't see them through the Inspector of Preview.app.
    So I guess the problem is on the export function ?!

    By the way thanks for doing the compilation ;-)


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