Hi folks,

since more than one year I'm offering GIMP packages for Mac OS X. All of the work is done by only one person, by me. This is okay as long as there are only few things to do and bugs are more or less easily to squeeze out.

But now there's one major bug in GTK+, which will prevent GIMP 2.8 to work properly with tablets. This bug is in all GTK+ version 2.17 or higher. Since GIMP 2.8 depends on at least GTK+ 2.18, GIMP 2.8 will lack tablet support.

So, if you are a developer, capable of GTK+, GLIB2, GIMP, MacPorts and bash scripting, it would be nice if you'll join this project and help to make GIMP 2.8 work properly with graphic tablets on Macs.

Without your help, it's likely that GIMP 2.8 won't run on Mac OS X. Don't let GIMP on OS X die !

So, join the project, fix the bug and help offering one of the best image manipulating programs to Mac users: GIMP.


Some information about the bug:

The filechooser dialog (and any other GTK+ standard dialog ?) doesn't recognize any press events from the pen / tablet. Just read this posting:


and especially this reply